Leucorrhoea, or the whites, is a symptom of many illnesses peculiar to ladies. It’s a situation in which there’s a whitish discharge from the vagina ensuing from irritation or irritation of the membrane lining the genital organs of the feminine. It might be thick and viscid, and foul smelling. Normally the conventional secretions are slimy and barely sticky and the amount of vaginal secretions varies all through the menstrual cycle, peaking at ovulation and in addition growing when beneath emotional stress ตกขาว.

Causes and signs:

Along with an infection, some hormonal and metabolic problems are additionally chargeable for the situation. It happens generally amongst weak, emaciated, and anaemic ladies. It will also be on account of irritation of the womb following childbirth, displacement of the uterus, or gonorrhoea. Amongst younger females, it might be on account of thread worms, as the results of basic debility mixed with lack of cleanliness or infections.

Along with the whitish discharge from the vaginal tract, there’s weak point in addition to ache within the lumbar area and the calves. A burning sensation could also be current together with constipation. In a power type, leucorrhoea causes irritability. The sufferers develops black patches beneath he eyes. Late nights precipitate the assault.

Ayurvedic Therapy for Leucorrhoea:

Step one to be taken in instances of leucorrhoea, subsequently, is for the affected person to train her physique by operating or by family work. An everyday tub with heat water and a robust cleaning soap may assist in many instances the place the trigger is lack of non-public hygiene. Wholemeal flour and inexperienced greens ought to type the main a part of the food plan. Milk and milk products ought to be prevented within the first fortnight of the therapy. Take solar tub on a regular basis for fifteen to twenty minutes. Sit within the solar until you begin perspiring. Sipping heat water whereas solar bathing will assist induce sweat. Bathe with chilly water after solar bathing. Solar bathing ought to be precede a meal by one hour or succeed it by two to a few hours.

Ayurvedic treatments:

  1. Soak about 10gm of dry coriander in 100ml of water in a single day, and drink the water within the early morning.
  2. An everyday douching of the genital tract with a decoction of the bark of the banyan tree or the fig tree could be very useful. A tablespoonful every of the powders of the bark of the timber ought to be boiled in a liter of water until it’s decreased to half. Douching with the lukewarm decoction retains the vaginal tract wholesome and clear.
  3. Put a number of hibiscus rosa-sinensis in scorching ghee and sauté for about 5 minutes. Cool the ghee. Take out the flowers and eat it.
  4. Fenugreek seeds ought to be taken internally within the type of tea and in addition used as a douche.
  5. Blended 1 cup of water with a cup of milk and boil it. Add 1 tablespoon of dry ginger to it. When it reduces to half add brown sugar to it. Have this for 5- 6 weeks.
  6. Combine a tablespoon of dried amla seeds powder and a ripe banana and take it on a regular basis for no less than 40 days.
  7. A decoction of the contemporary walnut leaves could be beneficially used as a douche within the therapy of leucorrhea.
  8. Kumari (Aloe vera) is one other great treatment for the situation; it tones up the tissues of the uterus and prevents the exudation of any irregular fluids.

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