Welding or Brazing metal items may be simply accomplished all by oneself. All that you must have is primary information of brazing and metals. Talked about under is the brazing process for stainless-steel. Have a look and learn to do the stainless-steel brazing your self:

Step 1
Initially take away every kind of flammable gadgets from the encompassing space and work floor. Then use a soapy damp fabric to wipe clear the work floor and clear all types of chemical residues left on it. Let it dry completely.

Step 2
Within the subsequent step, wipe clear the metal items which must be brazed induction brazing brass tube. After that apply brazing flux on these items in order that they are often melted and joined collectively.

Step three
Erect a bit of brass plate with an approximate thickness of 1-inch onto the work floor. Safe it with the clamps in order that it will possibly take in the surplus warmth emitting from the welding.

Step four
Now, place the stainless items which must be brazed on the brass plate and activate the flame via an oxy-acetylene torch. Then transfer the flame over the metal, among the many two items which must be joined, repeat it till the temperature is scorching sufficient to make the metal surfaces soften. Be sure you maintain shifting the flame backwards and forwards over the surfaces to keep away from damaging metal.

Step 5
Lastly, be part of each the metal items collectively tightly to make a weld and you’re accomplished with brazing stainless-steel.

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