Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Welcome to PBIS 

PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. It is a system for addressing behavior through the prevention-oriented structuring of research-based interventions and supports in a progressive way in order to improve behavioral and academic outcomes.

What that really means is that we here at Bloomingdale School put our energy into catching the students being good and following our school's rules. Our rules are clear, posted throughout the school and taught regularly so that students know what is expected of them. When students "get caught following the rules" they recieve a Bear Paw. The class with the most Bear Paws at the end of the month earn the privilage of having Blackberry, the large stuffed bear, for the month and other incentives like extra recess or a popcorn party. Students can also be awarded the citizen of the month award or their class can earn the "golden dust pan" award or the "recycling" award.

Our assemblies are monthly and the schedule can be found on the Assemblies Schedule page on the upper left hand corner of this page. If you are interested in what class has won Blackberry for the month or the students who have won the citizenship award you can find that information on the Monthly Highlihgts page also found at the upper left hand of this page. 

* Just a quick note here: we have changed our assembly schedule for the second half of the school year! Please take a look at the schedule if you are planning to come since there have been several changes. Thanks